Get Involved!

There are lots of ways to be involved with Flannel Friday!

Flannel Friday Advocate
You don't have to post ideas or be a blogger to be a part of the Flannel Friday crew! You are an advocate if you check out the Round Up, comment on Flannel Friday posts, use a Flannel Friday idea in storytime, tell your coworkers about us, retweet Flannel Friday information and links on Twitter using the #flannelfriday hashtag, follow us & repin Flannel Friday posts on Pinterest, volunteer to help with Flannel Friday projects, or hang out with us on Facebook.

We're thrilled if you've used Flannel Friday as a storytime resource and thankful for your support!

Flannel Friday Blogger
If you have a blog and would like to contribute an idea to Flannel Friday:
  • Write a post about a flannelboard pattern you’ve created, or a puppet or prop that you use in your storytime. As long as it is related to storytime, it's welcome, although we prefer that you highlight something specific thing to share rather than a whole program theme.
  • Include a photo in your post. (This is important for our Pinterest boards.)
  • Cite your sources (if you know them) for rhymes, patterns, and ideas.
  • Check the This Week page for the Flannel Friday host for the week.
  • Post your Flannel Friday idea to your blog by 10pm Eastern time on Friday. If you can't get your post up by the deadline, please save your idea for next week's round-up. It can be a lot of work to host the round-up; please respect the host's schedule and time. It's also in your best interest to post before the deadline so that the largest number of people will see your idea.
  • Thursday evening before the round-up, the host will make a placeholder post on his/her blog. To add your post to the round-up, leave a comment on the placeholder post with your link and your name.
  • Watch for the Flannel Friday Round Up post to go live. This will often be announced on Twitter and Facebook, but you can watch the hosting blog for the post as well.
  • Include a link to the round-up post in your Flannel Friday post.

If you have an idea to contribute but you don’t have a blog, contact an upcoming host ahead of time and ask how they would like to share your idea. They may write a post on their blog, crediting you, or they may upload a Word doc with your idea to the round-up post.

Congratulations! You've just become a Flannel Friday Blogger!

Flannel Friday Round-Up Host
Once a week, a Flannel Friday blogger hosts the round-up on his/her blog. The round-up is the weekly collection of Flannel Friday ideas, with links to the originating blogs. We take turns hosting the round-up in order to showcase the great blogs everyone has created.

If you're interested in hosting a round-up, we ask you to first participate in 3 weeks of Flannel Friday by posting Flannel Friday ideas on your blog and being linked in the round-up. This will help you become familiar with the Flannel Friday routine. Make sure you're on the Who's Who page. If you are a newbie blogger, this will also help you become more familiar with your own blogging platform (Wordpress, Blogger, etc). Don't worry, we were all newbie bloggers once!

Periodically, the current Flannel Friday Fairy Godmother will ask for round-up host volunteers for the next 6-8 unscheduled weeks. Contact the FFFG and let her know a few dates that will work for you. You'll need to provide your blog's URL, a contact email, and if you're on Twitter, your username. (Who's my current FFFG?)
  • By Thursday, 10pm Eastern time, set up a placeholder post on your blog, where the round-up will eventually be. This is where people will leave links either using a linking tool (Tech How-To's) or in the comments for you to collect. Please use the link-collecting method that works best for you; you are not required to use a linking tool if collecting links in comments is what you prefer. Sample text if you use a linking tool: Please enter a direct link to your Flannel Friday post as Post Title (Blog Title) using (linking tool’s name here) below:
  • Friday during the day, watch your blog for comments with Flannel Friday links. If possible, respond to each blogger that you have the link whether entered via a linking tool or in the comments. Then you can edit the post as the links come in and make your own wonderful round-up. Depending on your availability, you may choose to add links to the round-up throughout the day, or all at once in the afternoon or evening. This step will not be necessary if you use a linking tool.
  • Make sure to link back here to the Flannel Friday blog at the end of your round-up.
  • Tweet and post to Facebook when the round-up is complete (or have the FFFG do it for you).
  • The Flannel Friday Pinner will pin the week's images to a weekly board on Pinterest.
Whew! You did it! Now have fun checking your blog's stats and watching all the hits!

Flannel Friday Pinterest Pinner
If you don't have a blog but want to be involved, you can also become a pinner. The Flannel Friday Pinner takes a two month turn adding the Flannel Friday ideas to our Pinterest account.

Once the weekly roundup has been posted, it is the Pinner's job to pin each submission to the appropriate boards in our Pinterest account. He or she may also pin other ideas at any time from the web at large to the "Inspiration" and "How To" boards.

If you are interested in being a Pinner, send the current Flannel Friday Fairy Godmother an email and let her know you'd like to be a Pinner. The FFFG will add you to our schedule and help you get started.

See here for the nitty-gritty on Pinterest.

Flannel Friday Fairy Godmother
The Flannel Friday Fairy Godmother (perhaps someday we'll have a Flannel Friday Godfather, known as The Godfather?!) is a role filled on a rotating basis by experienced Flannel Friday participants. Her sparkly duties include:
  • Making sure the round-up host schedule is filled for at least the next 6-8 weeks
  • Answering emails sent to us at flannelboardfriday [at] gmail [dot] com and updating the Who's Who page as needed
  • Helping the round-up host as needed (keeping an eye on Twitter for links, finding a Pinner for the Round Up, connecting Flannel Friday members with tech support if possible)
  • Updating This Week, Schedule, and Browse Past Round-Ups pages weekly on this site
Are you interested in being a FFFG? You'll need to have been an active Flannel Friday blogger and participant for at least 6 months, and be on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, and be conversant in Blogger. Once a year we'll ask for FFFG volunteers to sign up for 2-month terms.

Your current Flannel Friday Fairy Godmother is:
Amy for September and October of 2016